• I Left a Woman Waiting Lyrics: I left a woman waiting / I met her sometime later / She said, "I see your eyes are dead / What happened to you, lover? Album Death of a Ladies’ Man. I Left a.
  • Death of a Ladies' Man Lyrics: Ah the man she wanted all her life was hanging by a thread / "I never even knew how much I wanted you," she said / His muscles they were numbered and his style was.
  • album: "Death Of A Ladies' Man" () True Love Leaves No Traces Iodine Paper Thin Hotel Memories I Left A Woman Waiting Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On Fingerprints Death Of A Ladies.
  • Death of a Ladies' Man is the fifth studio album by Leonard Cohen. Produced and co-written by Phil Spector, the voice of typically minimalist Cohen was surrounded by Spector's Wall of Sound, which included multiple tracks of instrument dawynsternfirenalmehuginn.infoinfo: Soft rock, chamber pop.
  • Nov 17,  · There's something very 'John Lennony' about that album, it just doesn't sound like a Leonard Cohen album. The more I think about it no wonder it was the "death of a ladies man" if he was being so honest. One thing I really like about Mr Cohen is his honesty but in this instance then "ouch".
  • Unfairly maligned upon its release for not being what a "typical" Leonard Cohen album sounded like, Death of a Ladies’ Man has received an open-eared reassessment over the years by new generations of listeners (including Cohen’s daughter Lorca), who deem the album an important and overall pleasing release. The controversy started when stories flew that producer Phil Spector had locked Cohen out .
  • “I Left A Woman Waiting,” from Death of a Ladies Man: Leonard Cohen (and Phil Spector)for Sylvie Simmons After I recorded the “Famous Blue Raincoat” video for dawynsternfirenalmehuginn.infoinfo, I started revisiting the Death of a Ladies’ Man album again for the first time since I performed it with The Greg Ashley Band at Big Sur for Sylvie Simmons’ book party on Leonard Cohen’s 78 th dawynsternfirenalmehuginn.infoinfo: Chris Stroffolino.
  • Jun 29,  · leonard cohen ladies man death of a ladies phil spector leaves no traces wall of sound woman waiting left a woman true love home with your hard-on love leaves paper thin bob dylan thin hotel title track cohen fan lou reed george harrison backing vocalists paper-thin hotel/5(75).

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