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  • The Methods that are used to Collect a Gas. Collecting Gas. The method used to collect a particular gas depends on 1) Is the gas more or less dense than air? 2) Is the gas soluble in water?. All gases can be collected using a gas syringe.. If a gas is less dense than air it can be collected by upward delivery.. If a gas is more dense than air it can be collected by downward delivery.
  • For his work with gases a century prior, the number that bears his name Avogadro's constant represents the number of atoms found in 12 grams of elemental carbon (×10 23 mol −1). This specific number of gas particles, at standard temperature and pressure (ideal gas law) occupies liters, which is referred to as the molar volume.
  • Sep 13,  · The objective of this lab, from the Lab Files series, is to collect a gas using the water displacement method. Featuring Ray Venables and directed/edited/filmed by Jacques Lévesque.
  • It is inserted in the apparatus set-up between the reaction container and the gas collection system. It is packed with a solid water absorbing drying agent e.g. anhydrous calcium chloride (not for ammonia), calcium oxide (not acidic gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and chlorine), anhydrous sodium sulphate.
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  • Aug 22,  · Using a gas syringe to measure volumes of gases. Practical Engineering Recommended for you. Gas collection over water - Duration:
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  • A variety of different catalysts, including manganese, manganese dioxide, potassium iodide, and even. yeast, have been used in this reaction. In this lab, yeast will be used to catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and. generate oxygen gas.

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