Alone - Judas Priest - Nostradamus


  • Redeemer of Souls () Nostradamus is the sixteenth studio album by English heavy metal band Judas Priest, focusing on the 16th-century writer Nostradamus. It Genre: Heavy metal, speed metal, symphonic metal, .
  • JUDAS PRIEST lyrics - "Nostradamus" () album, including "Future Of Mankind", "Nostradamus", "Calm Before The Storm" SUBMIT LYRICS LINKS METAL LYRICS - CURRENTLY 13 + ALBUMS FROM + BANDS we just wanna be left alone We don't wanna belong, we said all along, we just wanna be left alone Think that we must have lost our way.
  • JUDAS PRIEST ROAR BACK WITH AN INSTANT EPIC, NOSTRADAMUS ON MULTIPLE CLASSIC FORMATS & A WORLD TOUR. Some of the events that Nostradamus experts have interpreted as his predictions include the great fire of London in , the rise of Adolf Hitler, and most recently, , among countless other renowned events.
  • On 's (almost) divine comeback album Angel of Retribution, Judas Priest fans got a modern day update of the band's genre-bending classic, Sad Wings of Destiny. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends return to the mines for 's Nostradamus, though this time it's another band's treasure they're looting, specifically Iron Maiden 's concept album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.5/

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